Stephen Lynch - Whittlin Man tab

Song: Whittlin' Man
Artist: Stephen Lynch
Album: the Craig Machine
Tuning: Standard (i think)

Intro/Verse/Pre Chorus|-----------------------||-----------------------||-----333333-----666666-||-3-3-333333-6-6-666666-||-3-3-111111-6-6-444444-||-1-1--------4-4--------|for the beginnig of the third verse it just picks these same chords. listen to the songexact strumming for that part.
there it is, this is how i think it's played i don't know though i've never seen this live. the only reason i use this is he said when he wrote the music to this song he was to smells like teen spirit by nirvana so the verse is the same as the intro to smells teen spirit, except on an acoustic guitar, rather than an electric.
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