Stephen Lynch - She Gotta Smile tab

Finger Picking Intro:

E---------------------0-------|B-----------------3-----0-----|G-----1-----2---2-------------|D---2-----2---0-----------4---|A-------0-----------2---------|E-0---------------------------| E A D B
E A D B She's got a smile, oh she's got a smile E A D B And she's flashing it right at me She's got a wink, a wink across the bar and I know that's meant to be. She's got a walk, oh she's walking over and I think this could be my day. She's got a ... friend, oh she's a got a friend Why she standing in her way? Its a big fat friend... Chorus:
E--0---0---X---X--|B--0---2---5---X--|G--1---2---4---4--|D--2---2---2---4--|A--2---0---X---2--|E--0---X---X---X--| E A E? B
-strum E A E? B Oh God there's always one (Big fat friend) To spoil my f**king fun. Now baby baby baby if its boots you want to knock Leave your chubby friend at home because she's gonna block the c**k Now I'm afraid of no man, with any I'll contend, E B But I cannot compete with your big fat friend Back to Finger Picking Intro: So big fat friend, ah we meet again, You won't leave her alone you roll your eyes, make sarcastic comments while you're sucking on a chicken bone Strum Intro Chords: But that's okay, you think you won the battle but I tend to disagree See I know you, and your Achilles' Heel and he's standing next to me My non-discriminating friend... Back to Chorus: So what that you're a cow (non discriminating friend) I'll nail you any how. {Hold B} I know that he's no looker and he's had a couple rounds But for every shot of Jeger hey you lose a couple pounds. {Hold B} Now baby baby baby bring the evening to an end E B Just you and me and my pal and your Big Fat Friend Outro:
E-------------4-----3-----2------X----|B---------------5-----4-----3----4----|G--slide to 4-----4-----3-----2--4----|D--------------------------------4----|A--------------------------------2----|E--------------------------------X----| ^end on B
Well that's the best I can do. This is my first tab, so hopefully it's understandable. Credit to "ParrotEMT (aka Buddascotchpuddin!)" for the lyrics.
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