Stephen Lynch - Belze tab

This is about 85% correct, but its the best thing i've seen so far.  Plus its got the 
Daniels part in it.


Ever since first man has walked this Earth I have been here To whisper seeds of doubt and evil thoughts into his ear I am the beast the outcast angel fallen from on high I have many names but theres one you can't deny- C my friends all call me old scratch and i am a capricorn F C my turn-ons are romantic walks and killing the unborn G F iíve got little devil horns and little goatee G F little devil eyes to help a little devil see G F and little cloven hooves make it kind of hard to ski C I'm satan Woo-hoo! Mephastophileze for some I don't know. C my real name is beelzebub but you can call me beelz F C i love to watch fox news and then go club some baby seals G F then iíll take a bubble bath and drink a zinfandel G F try to wash off that baby seal smell G F then iíll make a toast to me, hey hereís to my hell- C my name is satan-ehhhhhh Eh heh! F G to carry on my evil ways i went and had a son F G strum C strum F strum and now he makes his living as a singing comedian C iím in every zeppelin album iím in all rush limbaughís rants F C iím the reason the boston red sox even had a chance G F and if i wanna eat your soul iíll just throw it on the griddle G F donít need to make a deal i donít need to tell a riddle G F and fuck charlie daniels i donít care if he can fiddle C iím satan
Devil went down to Georgia, Lookin' for a soul to steal (no chord) But thats fucking bullshit, because I wouldn't be caught dead in-Georgia.......its like, my god!..
Six Six Six! Should be 100%, except for the Charlie Daniels part, that might be incorrect, but its closest thing i've seen for Belze.
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