Stephen Lynch - Rdc tab

Artist: Stephen Lynch
Title: R.D.C. (Opie's Lament)
Album: A little bit special
Tabbed by: Greatunkel

The verse should be picked and the chorus strummed.

e|--------0--------------|--------------0-----------------------|B|------1----------------|------------1-------------------------|G|----0------------------|----------0---------------------------|D|-----------2--3--2-0--|-x4--------------2--3--2-0------ ----|A|--3--------------------|-------3------------------------------|E|-----------------------|--------------------------------------|
Am F C G I used to think the perfect girl was only in my dreams Am F C G Until I saw your perfect face upon the movie screen Am F You seemed to know that I was there C G As though from God's design. Am And as I cried, F C G I told myself someday you'd be mine F C G F C G Rae Dawn Chong, baby, won't you hear my song? F C G I have loved you for so long, F G F G C And I know that I can make you love me too. Intro I write you letters every day. I send flowers to your home. But it's difficult to prove my love When you won't answer the phone. And looking through binoculars Makes it really hard to see you From the camp that I've set up In your front yard. Rae Dawn Chong, why won't you hear my song? What am I doing wrong? 'Cause I can't seem to make you love me too. And here inside my prison cell Just lying in my bed I wonder if you loved me When I shot you in the head... Rae Dawn Chong, you only had to hear my song. I even bought your dad a bong. And all you had to do was love me. I gave you every chance to love me. You stupid bitch, you should have loved me too...
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