Stephen Stills – Sugar Babe tab

Sugar Babe  

C                   G7  
You can do what you want to do
        F                  D
You can be who you want to be
C                  G7 
Just remember that me and you
      F                     D
Ain't all there is to bein' free

            C     Bb          F    G 
People need love, people need trust
       C             Bb                F  G
People need one another and that means us
   C           Bb          F         G
My sugar babe, believe me, sugar babe

Everyone knows it ain't easy
But when you get it all together in your heart
It's the easiest thing to do to be pleasin'
Folks ain't made to live apart


F 				   D
Let yourself be open honey learn to bend
         Bb                                  F
Remember everyone gets scared, but I'm still your best friend
When you forget about yourself and think of things to do
           Bb             D 				    G
To make me happy then you love me girl like I love you

How do turtles talk to one another
They just look, there's no reason to cower
Just like people they're drawn to each other
They don't live in no ivory tower

C  Bb                F      G
So close, then again so far away
C             Bb         F             G
Where are the answers, I hear them everyday
C                 Bb                 F          D
Lovin' you from a distance never did make it anyway

So close, then again so far away
Here come little Miss Bright eyes socking it to me everyday
I got to get next to the girl or I got to get away

by: José Duarte
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