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Date: 	Fri, 13 Oct 1995 11:09:40 -1000
From: Harlan L Thompson 
Subject: johnny's garden- stills
JOHNNY'S GARDEN- Stephen Stills and Manassas

G5  C/G  G7sus  C/G  G5  C/G  G7sus  C/G

           G5  C/G G7sus      C/G
There's a place  I can get to
           G5  C/G       G7sus     C/G
Where I'm safe  from the city blues
          G5  C/G        G7sus  C/G G5
And it's green  and it's quiet
 C/G                  G7sus      C/G
Only trouble was I had to buy it

             C      Csus2 C6+9 Csus2 C Em Em7
And I'll do anything  I   got  to     do
C      Csus2 C6+9 Csus2 C Em
Cut my   hair       and  shine my shoes
Em7  C      Csus2 C6+9 Csus2 C Em
And keep on   singin'   the  blues
 Em7      C      riff               G5   C/G G7sus C/G
If I can stay here     in Johnny's garden

As the swift bird flies over the grasses
Dipping now and then to take his breakfast
Thus I come and go and I travel
But I can watch that bird and unravel ...CHORUS

With his love and his sharing
He puts his life into beauty sharing
And his children are his flowers
And they give me peace in quiet hours ...CHORUS

CHORDS: G5 C/G G7sus Csus2 C6+9 RIFF:E -3---3----3-----0-----0-- -------------------|B -3---1----3-----1-----1-- -1-----------1--1--|G -0---0----0-----0-----2-- -0------0h2--2--0--|D -0---3----3-----0-----0-- -2--0h2------------|A -x---x----x-----3-----3-- -3-----------------|E -3---3----3-------------- -------------------|
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