Stephen Stills - Church Part Of Someone tab

Church (Part Of Someone) 

Intro: D  G7  D  

              C7  G                  D       Dsus4  D
You see, it's my thing to be part of someone
     C7          G          D 
As a true friend is part of me
                      C7      G                                   D
You know that there's so much little girl, we've got to tell each other
          C7         G                         D
About the whole world and most especially one another, 
oh yeah, all right. And you know, and you know?

C              G
And it's hard, yes it is
     D     C      G
It's hard, yes it is
And I wonder
  G                    D 
I wonder could it be a dream?

And you know that the self made man, babe is truly shallow
He knows he's no one but who he wants to be
So while you still sing, baby, You got to tell me, baby
Is it your thing to be part of anyone?
Anyone, anyone

Chorus (x2)+
I wonder if it's a dream
And it's now, children, could it be a dream? 

By: Josť Duarte
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