Stereofuse – Everything Acoustic tab

			     Everything(acoustic) - StereoFuse

Tabbed by:David				

Tuning: Drop all strings 1/2 step to Eb tuning

	The Song itself is actually very simple and follows the same basic 
chord progression.

Intro and Verse:

    G      G/B      D (add color)   G/B      D       C9   (add color)

Chorus: G G/B G G/B Cause I would give everything that I own G G/B G G/B I’d give you my heart and this skin and these bones C9 The sun the moon the earth the sky I’d never even stopped to wonder why G G/B G G/B D (Add color) I would do anything C9 I would give everything C9 G G/B D To be your everything G/B D C9 Refrain: Am G/B C9 D But if ever you should stray Am G/B C9 D Just sing along and I will play Am G/B C9 D Look into your hands I’m slipping through them like a tiny grain of sand ===============================================================================
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