Stereophonics – Local Boy In The Photograph tab ver. 2

Song: Local boy in the Photograph
Band: Stereophonics
Intro:  G, Em, C, D, Em, G  played together with  -->
riff:   e| 10,
	B|    7 8
      G              Em               C
	There?s no mistake I smell that smell It?s that
	time of year again
       G     Em        C
	I can taste the air
       G         Em            C
	Clocks go back, railway track
	Something blocks the line again
               Em          C                       G, Em, C
	And the trains runs late for the first time
       G      Em                  C
	Pebble beach, we?re underneath a Pier
	just been painted red
               Em        C
	Where I heard the news for the first time
(no chord)
	And all the friends lay down the flowers
	Sit on the bank and talk for hours,
	talk of the way they saw him last
                            G     Em       C
	Local boy in the photograaaaaph  -  Today
+riff  G            Em   C
	He?ll always be 23 yet the trains run on and on
       G        Em         C
	past the place they found his clothing.

	D, Em, G  X5 then up to the beginning.
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