Stereophonics – Same Size Feet tab ver. 2

a good song by a class band just kills your hands a bit

            Dm7  B  E  Cm7  F#  G#m Em7  B/D(NOT SURE ABOUT CHORDS NAME)
E            6   7  7   4   2    4   7    7
             6   9  7   4   4    6   7    7
             8   9  9   6   4    6   9    9
             6   8  9   4   3    4   7    9
             7   7  9   5   2    4   8    7
high e       6   7  7   4   2    4   7    7

                         Dm7                                   B
a weeks too long not to ring recolours her hair and waits for him
                                    Dm7                                 E
no cat against dog just head over heals sex twice a date best time in years
            Dm7             E                     Dm7
oh no why hasnt she phoned she has to wait until hes on his own 
  E                    Dm7
lying and denying so nobody knows 
      E            Dm7              Cm7         B           F#
ill tell her this week is what he tells her to keep her on loan
 E                 B
he'll buy her one day

 B                                        Dm7
sex drives oral highs cheating wives and spies cream cakes coffee dates floral 
         B                                              Dm7
gifts surprise passed away for the day had a change of kind sex change to 
                             E         Dm7             E              Dm7       
mundane for the average man oh no she just cant see where he is and where hes
      E                                 Dm7
bin looked prim and straight like hes always been a
 E    Dm7 Cm7 B    F#  E             B
all that he saved for went missing again
 Cm7                                     B
she could be she could be she could be wrong  x3 
 Cm7                                         B
it looks like it looks like the words got round

B                         Dm7                             B                 
they found a body in the lake maybe it wasnt really his name same colour same 
weight same size feet its the not knowing that kills you 
 E         Dm7                E            Dm7           E  
oh no the clock stopped slow any time your on your own hide from the spies so 
 Dm7           E                   Dm7         Cm7       B          F# E
nobody knows scratch through the pages of the lazy days news for a clue still 
         B           B G#m B/D B G#m B/D Em7 B
looking for you
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