Goldfish Bowl chords with lyrics by Stereophonics - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Stereophonics – Goldfish Bowl chords

saw a tab for this song and the chords are close but not close enough but thank you for 
it otherwise i wouldnt have bothered trying, so cheers.

sorry but for now i've only done part of the song ill try and finish it soon
chords arent in exactly the right place so you'll have to listen to the song, which you 
do anyway.

chords used

A 7sus4  
F maj9  

on Fmaj9 pull off and on your index finger to follow the tune


G A7sus4 Fmaj9 Same long faces in the work-mans hall
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 Caramel crisp counts his birds
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 Cliff chips lines up his dominoes
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 Kingfisher lead singer calms his nerves
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 The hall downtown just burned to the ground,
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 The boxing ring turned to ash.
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 Red-head ginger-head sells tickets at the door,
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 Stella sleepwalks in the sand.
Verse 3
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 Hard up, outta luck, time to ride the village bike,
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 A bike been used ten times or more.
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 Grapevine, here's the wife, lays down her royal flush,
G A7sus4 Fmaj9 I think I've lost another ___ wife.
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