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Stereophonics – Feel chords

Feel - stereophonics

Chords used:

Gm      xx5333
Gm/F#  xx4333
Gm/F   xx3333
Gm/E   xx2333
Gm/Eb  xx1333

main riff (guitar, piano at the end)

Verse 1
GmHere it comes again
Gm/F#Like the first time again
Gm/F Gm/EI can't sleep, watch the rain
Gm/EbBut I'm happy again
How can this be
Gmwhy did this feeling creep on up on me?
Gm/F#I can't be sure
Gm/FYou never can
Gm/EBut the signs I know
Gm/EbWhere does it come from
Where does it go
GmWhere does it kill you
Gm/F#Painful and slow ?
Gm/FI'm out of the fire
Gm/EAnd into your home
Gm/Eb Gm/E Gm/F Gm/F# GmI wanna feel you, feel you, feel you, feel you again
Verse 2 (like the first)
Gm/F#It makes you a cheat
Gm/FIt makes you a liar
Gm/EStep on out the fire
Gm/EbIt gives a spring in the step
A smile on the face Sing like a bird
GmYour running the race again
Gm/F#What makes you bad
Gm/FMakes you feel much better
Gm/EThan you ever can
Gm/Eb Gm/E Gm/F Gm/F# GmYou can touch it, see it, breathe it, feel it's all you can
Verse 3
Gm/F#It makes the world go round
Gm/FIt makes you homeward bound
Gm/EIt makes you want it more
Gm/EbLook around every corner
GmTo see if there's more around
Gm/F#You wanna take it all
Gm/FIt's never quite enough
Gm/EYou know you need it all
Gm/Eb Gm/E Gm/F Gm/F# GmYou wanna feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it again
Verse 4
Gm/F#It'll kill you in the end
Gm/F Gm/EBut not to have it, you haven't lived
Gm/Eb Gm/E Gm/F Gm/F# GmIt will break you, make you, take you, hate you again
Verse 5
Gm/F#From me to you
Gm/FFrom you to me
Gm/ELook at you window
Gm/Eb Gm/E Gm/F Gm/F# GmAnd you will feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it more
Gm/F# Gm/F Gm/E Gm/Ebmore, more
Verse 6
GmHere it comes again
Gm/F#That feeling again
Gm/FI can't sleep
Gm/ESit and watch the rain
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