Stereophonics – I Wouldnt Believe Your Radio Live tab

I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio
Written by Kelly Jones

I've posted 2 versions.1 is of Morfa gig the other is when I
saw them live in Dublin.
Chords Used
A      002220
C9     032000
G9     320000
C      032010
G      320033
D      x00232
Em7    022030
Asus4  x02230

 A		      C9	    G9
 Travelling through a tunnel under sea
 You never know if it cracks in half
     C9               G9
 You never ever gonna see me
 D               C          G
 You can have it all if you like
  D               C          G
 You can have it all if you like
 And you can pay for it the rest of your life
 A(muted a little)
 L-i-i-i-ife X2

 I wouldn't believe your wireless radio
 If I had myself a flying giraffe
 I'd have one in a box with a window

 You can have it all (etc)

 Solo then comes in. I have it in a seperate post.

 Em7         Asus4    A  Asus4 Em7
 Life in the summer's on it's back
               Asus4  A  Asus4    Em7
 You'd have to agree that that's the crack
 (Same again until..)               G
 Take what you want i'm not coming back

 You can have it all etc.

 The very end bit is G barre (355433)sliding to a closed
 A barre.Listen to cd to get proper timing.
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