Stereophonics - Step On My Old Size Nines Live tab

artist: stereophonics
song: step on my old size nines
album: just enough education to perform

e)--3----------------0-0-0---|B)--0----------------0-0-0---|G)--0----------------0-0-0---|D)--0----------------2-2-2---|A)--2-----------5----3-3-3---|E)--3-3s5-5s7-7--------------|this is the verse and chrous
e)--2-2-2-2-0--------0---0---0-0-|B)--3-3-3-3-1-pause--0h1-0h1-1-1-|G)--2-2-2-2-0--------0---0---0-0-|D)--0-0-0-0-2--------2---2---2-2-|A)----------3--------3---3---3-3-|E)-------------------------------|heres the bridge.
the interlude is: Bm C G email me:
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