Steve Earle – God Is God chords

Song: God is God
Artist: Steve Earle
Album: I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive (2011)

Capo on 5th

GI believe in prophecy
G C GSome folks see things not everybody can see
G D GAnd, once in a while, they pass the secret along to you and me
GAnd I believe in miracles
G C GSomething sacred burning in every bush and tree
G D GWe can all learn to sing the songs the angels sing
C D Em C GYeah, I believe in God, and God ain't me
GI've traveled around the world,
G C GStood on mighty mountains and gazed across the wilderness
G D GNever seen a line in the sand or a diamond in the dust
GAnd as our fate unfurls,
G C GEvery day that passes I'm sure about a little bit less
G D GEven my money keeps telling me it's God I need to trust
C D Em C GAnd I believe in God, but God ain't us
G C GGod, in my little understanding, don't care what name I call
G C GWhether or not I believe doesn't matter at all
GI receive the blessings
G C GThat every day on Earth's another chance to get it right
G C GLet this little light of mine shine and rage against the night
GJust another lesson
G C GMaybe someone's watching and wondering what I got
G D GMaybe this is why I'm here on Earth, and maybe not
C D Em C GBut I believe in God, and God is God
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