Steve Fee - Lift High tab

Steve Fee/Eddie Kirkland
Lift High

D   G  D2  D   G       D
Broken people call His name
D   G    D2  D    G          D
Helpless children praise the King
D   G   D2     D    G        D
Nothing brings Him greater fame
     G      Em7     Asus     A    D
When broken people call      His name

        A          G    D
Lift high, your chains undone
       A     G       D
All rise, exalt the Son
     A            G D/F# Em
Jesus Christ, the Ho ly  One
    D        A       D
We lift our eyes to You

Sinners all exalt the Son
Your ransom paid and freedom won
We will see His Kingdom Come
When sinners all exalt the Son

Lift up your head is chorus

Please Feel Free to correct/critique
Just saw Steve Fee/Eddie Kirkland at the Catalyst Conference 2008
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