Steve Fee - Revolution Cry tab

Capo 3 to play along the Passion Sacred Revolution Version. 
The chords I use are a little different. You could play the regular style chords 
but I like the Dave Matthews style like this.

Verse 1: C#m A E When passion takes on a purpose C#m A E And searching ones embrace the light C#m A E When skeptics find themselves down on their knees You'll know it's here C#m A E When you hear a sound as loud as thunder C#m A E And you hear a cry that shakes the ground beneath you C#m A E When you hear a shout that shatters the darkness You'll know it's here Pre Chorus: F#m C#m When the lost find a name worth believing in A B And the fallen get back onto their feet F#m C#m And the broken start to dream again A B And the sound of praise fills these streets You'll know it's here Chorus: E B C#m Revolution A Can you feel it E B A Revolution cry E B C#m Revolution A Can you hear it E B A Revolution cry E B And I believe it C#m A And I believe it Verse 2: (Same as verse 1) How long do we have to wait And how long will we stay silent When will this weeping generation dance again Oh God when will The truth be restored
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