Steve Fee – Glory To God Forever tab ver. 3

Glory to God Forever
From "Hope Rising"

There are a number of these submitted under "Steve Fee", but none are
complete and entirely accurate. Here you go...

81 BPM
Capo 4

Strum G for two measures, then C-G-D-Em

Verse 1
G/B             C        G            D             G/B
Before the world was made, before You spoke it to be 
              C          G            D             G/B
You were the King of Kings, yeah You were yeah You were
                C          G            D             G/B 
and now You're reigning still, enthroned above all things
              C          G             D 
angels and saints cry out, we join them as we sing
C         G      D         Em7
Glory to God,  Glory to God  
C          G         D
Glory to God, Forever!

Intro Chords

Verse 2
Creator God You gave me breath so I could praise
Your great and matchless name all my days all my days
so let my whole life be a blazing offering
a life that shouts and sings the greatness of our King


C                 G
Take my life and let it be
D                Em7
all for You and for Your glory
C                 G            D
Take my life and let it be Yours

Chorus, Bridge, Chorus

Lead guitar parts: no capo

Intro & "hard" Choruse|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------7------7-------11----12---------7------------12----11---------|G|---7>9---9-8-------11----11--------7>9---9-8-----11----11------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: Strum 7th fret B string harmonic
Lead under 1st "soft" choruse|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--16----16----16----16----14----14----16----16-----------------------|G|-----16----16----16----16----16----16----16----16--------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Let me know if you have any input or corrections.
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