Steve Harley - The Human Menagerie tab

I didn't do these tabs myself, they come from 
but they are here for reference. Hope they help.

Hideaway Chords Intro Repeat 4 times Em Bm D|---------------------8-7---8-7-------------------------------------||---7-8-----7--8-10-------------10-8-7------8----------7---------7--||7-9------9----------------------------9-7--9----------7---------7--||-------------------------------------------9----------9---------7--||-------------------------------------------7----------9---------5--||------------------------------------------------------7------------|Em BmLet them come a running, take all your money and hideawayLet them come a running, take all your money and fleeLet them come a running, take all your money and hideaway, hideaway
D Em It was summer or maybe spring, I can't remember It was summer or maybe spring, I can't recall We found our hearts and stole them from our bodies (We couldn't understand the Villain's call) We'd often recall the beginnings We'd often try in vain to change it all We couldn't help but keep ourselves from sinning D Em Em Em In summer, in summer or maybe spring, or maybe spring, or maybe spring
What Ruthy SaidStart chugging away with an A chord then D D A G A|---------------|---------------|---------------||7--------------|7--------------|---------------||7--------------|7--------------|6--------------||7--------------|7--------------|7----------5-7-||5--------------|5--------------|7----------5-7-||---------------|---------------|5----------3-5-| Your... Berlin.. ModelYou're wearing grey today, you're from Berlin I'd say you're a model
A A D G A|---------------|---------------|---------------||---------------|---------------|7--------------||6--------------|6--------------|7--------------||7--------------|7--------------|7----------5-7-||7--------------|7--------------|5----------5-7-||5--------------|5--------------|-----------3-5-| Can... fashion too WobbleCan I be blue for you, like I'm in fashion too? See me wobble
D D F#m|---------------|---------------|---------------||7--------------|7--------------|---------------||7--------------|7--------------|2--------------||7--------------|7--------------|4--------------||5--------------|5--------------|4--------------||---------------|---------------|2--------------| We'll... Best.. throttleWe'll be a pair of swells and dig the best hotels Hit the throttle
Bm Bm A|---------------|---------------|---------------||3--------------|3--------------|---------------||4--------------|4--------------|6--------------||4--------------|4--------------|7--------------||2--------------|2--------------|7--------------||---------------|---------------|5--------------| We'll do.. life we knew.. gayWe'll do the rhumba too and say the life we knew was so gay
Repeat the chord pattern for the rest of the song.
Loretta's TaleIntroG|--------------------||0-1-3--3-5-3--------||--------------------||------------3-------||--------------------||--------------------|twice
Verse G Strum Chords G G C/G|3--------------|---------------|---------------|0--------------||3--------------|---------------|---------------|1--------------||0--------------|---------------|---------------|0--------------||0--------------|---------------|---------------|2--------------||2--------------|---------------|---------------|3--------------||3--------------|---------------|---------------|3--------------|
Watch... Kick.... behind Like Ask been C Am Am G G|3--------------|0--------------|---------------|---------------||5--------------|1--------------|---------------|---------------||5--------------|2--------------|---------------|---------------||5--------------|2--------------|---------------|---------------||3--------------|0--------------|---------------|---------------||---------------|---------------|---------------|-----------3-2-| Sprawl.. then Speak... again She says lies I've times
Chorus Em C|0--------------|0--------------||0--------------|1--------------||0--------------|0--------------||2--------------|2--------------||2--------------|3--------------||0--------------|---------------|
I never lost control... It was a very.. show All I ever.. oh.............. C G G D D|---------------|3--------------|---------------|2--------------||---------------|0--------------|---------------|3--------------||---------------|0--------------|---------------|2--------------||---------------|0--------------|---------------|0--------------||---------------|2--------------|---------------|---------------||---------------|3--------------|---------------|---------------| .................. Are you ........go
For the slower bit ad lib on a C with D bass and D chords C/D D|0--------------|1--------------||1--------------|2--------------||0--------------|1--------------||0--------------|0--------------||---------------|---------------||---------------|---------------| For Loretta one She only played for fun She give her life away Counted hundreds, came to none...
InstrumentalIntro X 4 then|----------------15-15-15-15-14-12-14p12-12---------------------||--------------------------twice--------------------------------||4-4-4-4-4.4h5-------------------------------5-5-5-5-4-2h4------||-twice---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------|
|20-20-20-20-19-17-19----15-15-15-15-14-12-14p12-12-------------||------twice----------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------| I never...
Crazy Raver Strum along on a D & G chord for the first 4 lines D Lazy stage-star; wanna be a raver G D You've gotta make it all happen insane D Crazy raver; wanna be a big star G D You've gotta make it all happen again
then D Bm A G D|---------------|2--------------|---------------|---------------||7--------------|3--------------|---------------|---------------||7--------------|4--------------|6--------------|4--------------||7----------7-6-|4--------------|7--------------|5--------------||5----------5-4-|2--------------|7----------7-6-|5--------------||---------------|---------------|5----------5-4-|3--------------| You want They'll.. You'll... all
G D So while you're there you'd better show us a ball And wear your sequins or wear nothing at all Take us to heaven with our backs to the wall The climbing's hard but it's easy to fall Oh! here's a monkey with a message for us all G A D Go be a Crazy Raver, oh! oh! yeah Go be a Crazy Raver ********************************* Sebastion Note - Apparently this was written in Cm Gm Bb(Thanks Hans). To play along with the song it's a semi tone lower. So I use Bm F#m & A
Intro - Pluck Chord Bm Trill (hammer on & off quickly)|2-------2----------2~3-------------------------||3---------3------------3~4-2~3-3-2-------------||4-----4-----4----------------------4-----------||4---4------------------------------------------||2-2--------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------|
F#m Bm Radiate simply, the candle is burning, so low for me Generate me limply, can't seem to place your name, cherie To rearrange all these thoughts in a moment is suicide Come to a strange place, we'll talk over old times we never smile A Bm Somebody called me Sebastian Somebody called me Sebastian F#m Bm F#m Bm F#m Bm Work out a rhyme, toss me the time, lay me, you're mine Bm A And we all know, oh yeah!
Just before the ad lib fade outPluck with palm mute|14-12-------14-12----------------|repeat|------15-12-------15-12-12-14-15-||---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------|
With orchestra|---------------------------------|repeat|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||4-2-----4-2----------------------||----5-2-----5-2-2-4-5------------||---------------------------------|
F#m & Bm for the fade out *****************
Mirror FreakIntro Em|0-0-0-3bp0-3/5br-5-5-3-0-0-------|repeat|0--------------------------------||0--------------------------------||2--------------------------------||2--------------------------------||0--------------------------------|EmExhibition yourself we'll hold a show on the shelfEm G A EmNow we can feel a change is on the way
Em You're not a skin or a spiv boy who are you trying to kid Em G A Em You're jolly handsome, super, wizard, okay? Em G A Em Would you resort to telling all your friends lies Em G A Em When they can see right through your flimsy disguise? Em We all consider you far out so there can be little doubt Em G A Em You're gonna make it in a big, big way Chorus: Em D A Em Oh we can feel a new existence beginning And the yobs have made a go at forgiving And the new man he appears to be winning Em B What a shame such a bore! D A Em I don't wanna turn on tonite Said I don't wanna turn on tonite Outro D A Em pattern
Em|17-17-17-17-15-12-15-12-12----------12-12-12-------20-20-20--||---------------------------etc-------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------|continue using note from E blues scales|-------------------------------------------------------------| (close enough)|-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------|
My Only Vice (Is The Fantastic Prices I Charge For Being Eaten Alive) (Chords supplied by Hans Peters) Use this beat line D-C-G-G D C G Simply Lorraine sings for a while In a three-octave harmonica style C C D C G G It's easy to see her harmony stabbing at my songs from behind Trying to stick her cosmic philosopher's words into rhymes...... Nobody can tell it the same To her evcrything's just like a game But she'll make it seem some big machine's driving you clean outa your mind Come on admit it, that's just the limit, we've travelled from mad to sublime Chorus: Em C D Oh she's a lady from a background of pearls Who's tormenting and bending my world Em D C G C D G D C G D C G My only vice is the fantastic prices I charge for being eaten alive. . . ******************* Muriel the Actor C She, got my number and she - chasing me so far F Me, out of slumber, I can do with no faut-pas G F Mixed-up and bleeding, I's high on beleiving C It's all surreal Slip on a T-shirt, me - gotta look so cool Me Biba braces are making me so cruel She, dinosaur and me, her He-whore Sleep Muriel Chorus: C G Oh! See her move so right in her big baggy strides F C And her golden top made of satin See her wriggle her hips, take the almighty piss This is Muriel the Actor who's rapping, G F C Muriel the actor she's rapping ping - ping ******************* Chameleon C F G C and Louise, cowering into nowhere F G C F C speaking in terms of a foreign land where winter lies easy F G C F and she will surmise the guise of chateau eyes and rise . . . **************** Death Trip (Thanks to Hans again) Chord Pattern G-------F-------Em------Eb--D7-- G So now we're on a death trip F listen to the blood drip Em oozing from a curled lip Eb D7 G F ever thought of dying slowly Em Eb D7 G ever thought of dying totally unholy D D/G We'll grow Sweet Ipomoea
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