Steve Harley - Loves A Primadonna tab

Comes from Here to find.


C   G/B  C  F/A         F        Am  G
Seeking  a  love...  to share my pillow

F         Amin  G      F      C/E  F       G
share my dreams and my  need to please


C    G/B    C  F/A       F     Am G
who'll come to me...  to be my woman
F        Am   G      F     C/E  F       G
fill my heart and my  need to please?

G G G   Em       G
seeking to love someone



G           Em      G           Em 
GI haircut, GI hat, GI this 'n' GI that

G     F         C         D                 Em
G  I  love you, G  I  do  GI wish you could love me too


FINALLY A CARD CAME |----------------------------------------------------3------------------------||----------------------------------------------------3------------------------||----------------------------9-9--7----7-9---0-----0----12-12----12--14-12-12-||---2-0----------------------9-9--7-9--7-9---0-----0----12-12-14-12--14-12-12-||--------2-0------------------------9--------2----------------14--------------||--------------3-0---------------------------3--------------------------------|
(is G and Emin all the way) Finally a card came, finally a card came and I thought for a moment my luck had changed but it was wrong what happened ? I opened it up and tears of self-pity flooded my innocent eyes finally my heart broke, finally my heart broke for this is what it said what did it say ? and I quote what did it say ? "you're a gee-whiz baby and you're easy to please and the lines on your face makes me weak at the knees and if you looked like a lover I could handle you swell but you're tough on my nerves with that peculiar smell if you're looking for a valentine to love in your life you're looking for a messiah! Hallelujah! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
|bass--------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------3----------| |-5-5---0-3-0-5-5---0-3-0-1-1--1----1--1-1-0-3-0-|
TOO MUCH TENDERNESS Am F7 I know what I mean 'til you ask me I know what I want to do with you I know what I want 'til you ask me coming off when you know what I want to do C F and now the only thing for us is quit the questions, finish the fuss don't give up babe and don't despair just give the truth and then when it Em F comes to this, when it comes to this G Am you give me too much tenderness too much too much F7 Am tenderness too much too much tenderness +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (Love) Compared To You D I been trying to write this line C and the years have gone by in no time Bm F#m G and you know it is not easy for a boy in love D but I had to find the clue C and it could only come from you Bm F#m G like a waterfall you tingle me with your love A G and you know, since you loved me D G G/F# I have everything Em and you know that since you loved me G it has been easy Outro D G I love you, I'm in love with you etc.. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (I BELIEVE)LOVE'S A PRIMA DONNA D Bm A I should say by the way that you're acting today D Bm A I can tell by the sigh in your eye D A G F#m I can sure understand by the palm of your hand G A that you know I'm so hot I could fry because D Bm A I've chased you, embraced you n turned round 'n' faced you D Bm A crowned you the truth of my youth D A G F#m but you give me the line in the words of our time G A it's like living a stew that's what most lovers do G A it's like escaping the sun, there's nowhere you can run D A G A I believe (I believe) I believe (I believe) love's a lover's honour D A G A I believe (I believe) I believe (I believe) love's a prima donna too.. G A Bm G A Bm .............
|-----------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------| |---9-----------------------------8-9-----------------| |---7--10-11----6--7--------------6-7---10--11------7-| |------8--9-----4--5--------------------8---9-------5-|
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (IF THIS IS LOVE) GIVE ME MORE C G Am You beat my pillow with your whispers and your screams F Dm G like in the sixties you're my peaches and my cream C G Am You give me loving like I'm wanking in a dream F Dm G G F# I wouldn't swap you for the riches of no queen F G G F# don't show me doors just give me the keys F Dm G you're like some devil when I'm down on my knees C Am F if this is love you've gotta give me more riff is G5 to A5 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CARRY ME AGAIN G F Em when I woke up when I opened up my eyes C D Em drinking the sun without blinking G F Em and when I reached out when I reached out for a sign C D Em holding a gun without sinking G A G A Oooh, it was a fine feeling, ooh, it was a mighty fine feeling then I F#m thought about the younger days Em when I was looking for a friend F#m Em A thought about the way my mama would carry me to the end A/E G/D Fmaj7/C riff: F G C (notes) D C G Oh mama, will you carry me again F C G my eyes are blind without my mama +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HERE COMES THE SUN
riff A riff B|--------------------------------------||------------|-----------2------2-------2-----------||------------|--4-6----4------4-------4----4-3------||------------|-6------4------2-------4----------6-4-||------------|--------------------------------------||-----1--4---|--------------------------------------||-2----------
HERE COMES THE SUN B E C# Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, B and I say it's all right (riff A) B E F# F#4 Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here B E C# Here comes the sun, here comes the sun B and I say it's all right ( riff B) D A E B F# Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
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