Steve Ivey – The Narrow Way chords

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Transcribed from the recording on "Best of Bluegrass Gospel" (2005)
Steve Ivey
Capo 1 (Key of Eb)

D EmThere`s a path that`s wide, that many have followed.
D EmIt`s a low road, that seems full of delight.
C AmBut at the end of that road, it`s dreary and lonesome.
C DThe long walk back is an uphill climb.
D EmThere`s a narrow path, that fewer have followed.
D EmIt`s a high road, that will lead to the light.
C AmAt the end of that road is peace and comfort.
C DYou won`t walk alone, God is at your side.
G DTake the narrow way,
Em Cwalk the high road
G DLike an arrow stay,
Em CStraight on the line
G DIf you find yourself
Em C Where you have to decide;
G D Em CWalk away from the path that is wide
G DTake the narrow way.
D EmAlong the way, you may stumble and falter.
D EmBut don`t lose sight of the path you are on.
C AmBut stand real still and call to the Father.
C DHe will take your hand and lead you home.
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