Steve Rushton - Everything I Want chords


I love this song. So cute. :)
Chords by - Sonia

Standard tuning

Capo 2. 

intro: G D Em C
G DIt started on Thursday
EmAt seven or maybe eight
CYou crashed into my world with a boom
G DYou came over as a guest
EmI said I liked you and I confessed
CBy ten o' clock I was making fun of you
C DYou stayed for a while
GThen left with a smile
EmBut at least I made you happy
CYou make me happy too
DIt's kinda cheesy to say but
G D EmYou're everything I want
CWhen I'm with you all the hurting stops
G D EmYou're the hand that fits my glove
C AmAnd I'll never replace you
D G'Cause I'll never find love so true
That's how it is the whole song, except the bridge. For the bridge just finger pick this:
Em CLooking back at us
GTwo years and we're goin strong
D AmThey say that time flies when you're havin fun
DI never wanna be alone again
Enjoy. Rate. Comment. xo
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