Steve Vai – Heritage tab

This is an song made by myself:)
it's not a hard song, but you should have played for atleast 1 or 2 months
 before you get the hang of it..
I have cut them up in small pieces so its easier..
there are a small brake between each collone..
its an intro song for an concert, you can use it if you e-mail me at ...
Ask me questions too:)
Good luck on playing guitar

Ps:Don't play it to fast! it is made to be sweet and charming...E|-5-7-8-------8-7---|-9-7p6h7p6----------------|-6-7-9----9---------|B|-------5-7-5----8-7|-----------9-7-9-7-6-7-6--|9------7p6--7p6-9---|G|-------------------|--------------------------|-----------------8~~|D|-------------------|--------------------------|--------------------|A|-------------------|--------------------------|--------------------|E|-------------------|--------------------------|--------------------|
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