Steve Winwood - The Finer Things chords

The Finer Things by Steve Winwood


C Bb Dm C F While there is time Let's go out and feel everything
Dm Bb FIf you hold me I will let you into my dream
Bb F Gm BbFor time is a river rolling into nowhere
Dm CWe must live while we can
Bb Dm CAnd we'll drink our cup of laughter
C F C F Bb C The finer things keep shin-ing through
C Dm Bb F The way my soul gets lost in you
C Dm Bb F C The finer things I feel in me
C Dm Bb C The golden dance life could be
VERSE 2 Oh, I've been sad And have walked bitter streets alone And come morning There's a good wind to blow me home So time is a river rolling into nowhere I will live while I can I will have my ever after CHORUS BRIDGE |Bb F C | Bb C | Dm |Bb F | |C Dm Bb| |C Dm Bb| F C| |C G F|
C We go so fast
C G F C Why don't we make it last
C G F Dm F C C G Life is glowing inside you and me
G G Dm Please take my hand
Dm7 G Dm7 Here where I stand
F C Bb Dm Won't you come out and dance with me___
C Dm Bb CCome see,____ with me,___ wow, come see_____
VERSE 3 And lovers try 'Til they get the best of the night And come morning They are tangled up in the light So time be a river rolling into nowhere They love while they can And they think about the night so sweet CHORUS X3 (SYNTHESIZER SOLO) |C F |C F Bb C| Dm |Bb F | |C Dm |Bb F C | Dm |Bb C | |C F |C F Bb C| Dm |Bb F | |C Dm |Bb F C | Dm |Bb C | (CHORUS WITH SYNTHESIZER SOLO) OUTRO
C F C F Bb C Dm Bb FDancing, dancing, dancing, oh__
C Dm Bb F C Dm Bb CDancing, dancing, dancing, life could be
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