Steven Curtis Chapman – Do They Know chords

Capo 3 
G DI'm one of the chosen few
God chose to carry to
Em7A hopeless and dying world
DGood News.
G DI'm a disciple of
A caring Father's love,
Em7A light to the world,
Bm7 DTo show them the way.
G D BmDo they know;
G C Am7Can they see;
D Bm GJesus lives in me.
G DA vacant house comes alive
When somebody moves inside,
Em Bm7A light in the window means somebody's home;
G DI say Jesus lives in me,
But can everybody see
Em Bm7The light of His love that shines in my heart.
Am D A cloud of witnesses surrounds us,
G Em7 BmWho long to share what we've received;
AsusTell me where will they see Jesus,
DIf not in you and me.
Chord change Capo 5
G Em Bm So we must let them know,
G C Am7 D Bm G Let them see Jesus lives in you and me.
G Em Bm G C Am7Let them know, let them see;
D Bm G He is all they need,
D Bm G Jesus is all we need.
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