Steven Curtis Chapman – Bring It On chords


C/D  D  D/C  C/D

A A/BbI didnt come looking for trouble
A A/BbAnd I dont want to fight needlessly
A A/BbBut im not going to hide in a bubble if trouble comes for me
*Play the intro riff*
A A/BbI can feel my heart beeting faster
A A/BbI know somethings coming down
A A/BbBut if its going to make me be stronger
D C D Bb CThen bring it on let the lightning flash
A Bblet the thunder roll
G Alet the storm winds blow
F G Bb CBring it On let the trouble come
A BbLet the hard rain fall
G Alet it make me strong Bring it on
The second verse is the same as the first The second chorus is the same as the first The bridge is the intro riff with slight variation
A A/BbNow I dont want to sound like some hero
A A/BbCause its God alone that my hope is in
A A/BbBut Im not going to run from the very things
B C That would drive me closer to him
C# DDD DDD So bring it on Then the chorus Then the bridge The end is G A A#
Here are the chords: A A/Bb C D B G F C# Bbe-------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------|G------------5----7----4--------------6-----|D--7----7----5----7----4----5----3----6----8|A--7----7----3----5----2----5----3----4----8|E--5----6-------------------3----1---------6|
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