Steven Curtis Chapman – We Will Dance chords

We Will Dance – Steven Curtis Chapman

Capo 1


D  Gm/A#   
D  Gm/A#   
D  Gm/A#

Verse 1:

D Gm/A#I've watched the sunrise in your eyes
D Gm/A#And I've seen the tears fall like the rain
Bm E/G# GYou've seen me fight so brave and strong
Gm You've held my hand when I'm afraid
D Gm/A#We've watched the seasons come and go
D Gm/A#We'll see them come and go again
Bm E/G# GBut in winter's chill, or summer's breeze
GmOne thing will not be changin'
D F#m BmWe will dance when the sun is shining
Em GmIn the pouring rain, we'll spin and we'll sway
D F#m BmAnd we will dance when the gentle breeze
Em GmBecomes a hurricane; the music will play
Bm E/G# GAnd I'll take your hand and hold you close to me
Gm DAnd we will dance
Guitar/Piano Interlude: D Gm/A# D Gm/A# Verse 2:
D Gm/A#Sometimes it's hard to hold you tight
D Gm/A#Sometimes we feel so far apart
Bm E/G#Sometimes we dance as one
G GmAnd feel the beating of each others heart
D Gm/A#Some days the dance is slow and sweet
D Gm/A#Some days we're bouncing off the walls
Bm E/G#No matter how this world may turn
G GmOur love will keep us from fallin' and
[Chorus] Interlude: D F#7 Bm Em Gm D F#7 Bm Em
GmThe music will play
Bm E/G# And I'll hold you close, and I won't let go
GEven when our steps grow weak and slow
Bm E/G# GStill I'll take your hand and hold you close to me
Gm DAnd we, will dance
Coda: D Gm/A# D Gm/A# D Gm/A#
*Gm/A# E/G#e:x x
B:3 5 G:0 4 D:0 0 A:1 x E:x 4(thumb)
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