Steven Curtis Chapman - I Will Not Go Quietly tab

by Steven Curtis Chapman
Tabbed by L Matthews (
   Note - My best attempt at such a tough song

Tune to open Db Chords: Db - 000200guitar #1 guitar #2 E - 033200 F# - 055400E = Db --0--0---0--0---0--0--0-0 Db --0-0--0-0--0 | A - 113331B = Db --0--0---0--0---0--0--0-0 Db --0-0--0-0--0 | B - 335553G = F# 12/14--12/14--12/14--12/7 F# --0/2--0/2--2 |D = Db ------------------------- Db ---b3r0--0--0 |A = G# ------------------------- G# -------3----- |E = Db ------------------------- Db ------------- |
Db E F# I Was born with an angel whispering in my ear Db E F# Telling me sacred secerts that God wanted me to hear. A B And I have lived to tell the mysteries I've been told A B And even when they tell me it's my time to go E F# No I will not, No I will not Db Not go quietly E F# No I will not, No I will not A B Not go quietly no, no, Not go quietly no, no Db Not go quietly These things I tell, they are much truer than the heart of he who speaks Even so, this humble servent can not help but talk about his King so I will sing 'cause I can't hold back the song I shout and scream, untl God takes me home CHORUS Bridge E So how can I keep Silent F# So how can I not speak A And tell about the Saviour B Who has set this prisoner free. CHROUS
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