Steven Page – Over Joy chords

G: 320033
Cadd9: 032033
Dsus4: 000233
Em7: 022033
Em: 022000
C: 032010
D: 000231
Am: 002210

(Capo 2nd fret)

Intro: G, Cadd9 (x4)

G Dsus4Tell me the truth,
Em7 Cadd9Is there nothing I can do,
G Dsus4To escape this feeling blue,
Em7 Cadd9Except for leaving?
G Dsus4Tell me a lie,
Em7 Cadd9Like we're never gonna die
G Dsus4Like we'll win with one more try
Em7 Cadd9Or like I love you
G Dsus4 Em7I am falling
Cadd9I know you feel it
G Dsus4 Em7I am calling
Cadd9You’d best not heed it
G Dsus4 Em7My depression
Cadd9 Am EmHas got me choosing doom
C DAnd gloom over joy
G, Cadd9 (x2) (Verse) (Chorus) (Bridge)
Em CI know it's hard
Em CI know it's not fair
Em CBut things get easier when
DI'm not there
(Instrumental) G, Dsus4, Em7, Cadd9 (x2) (Chorus)
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