Steven Wilson – Deform To Form A Star chords

I took this song by ear, so its not 100%,
i hope you like it.

Artist: Steven Wilson
Album: Grace for Drowning
Year: 2011
Song: Deform to Form a Star

Capo on the 2nd
Am A* Em E F G* D* |---| |-5-| |---| |---| |-1-| |-3-| |---||---| |-7-| |-2-| |-2-| |-3-| |-5-| |-5-||-2-| |-7-| |-2-| |-2-| |-3-| |-5-| |-4-||-2-| |-6-| |---| |-1-| |-2-| |-4-| |-2-||-1-| |-5-| |---| |---| |-1-| |-3-| |-3-||---| |-5-| |---| |---| |-1-| |-3-| |---|
* = Alternative chords, better sound. Intro: Am E F G D E
Am Oh once in a while
E I learn how to smile
F G D E Horses shadows and rain on stone
Am No god here I'm sure
E This must be the cure
F G D E For all this carrion and aimless drift
Am Retreat from the begging
E And invites to the wedding
F G D E Revelation means nothing here
Am In time we forget our
E Need to devour
F G D E All the stories of tortured souls
A Em Crawl into your arms
A Em Become the night forever
F G Coiled and close, the moment froze
A Em Deform to form a star
A Em Here on earth together
F G I got time to share and a well used stare
Am This smile isn't pure
E Certain or sure
F G D E Cold precision was never there
Am The way we uncoil
E Return to the soil
F G D E Flaws are everything and chaos reigns
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