Stevie Nicks - Leather And Lace chords

 Leather and Lace-  Stevie Nicks 

from her Belladonna album
Tabbed by H.Patterson
Capo 1.... not exact but a good simple version..
Pick bass note then strum chords after. 
D, D/C, Bm(add13), Asus4(no5), G, I------2----I-------2---I-------2-------I-------------------I-------3-----I
l------3----I-------3---I-------3-------I-------3-----------I-------3-----I I------2----I-------2---I-------0-------I-------2-----------I-------0-----I I---0-------I-------0---I-------0-------I-------------------I-------0-----I I-----------I---3-------I---2-----------I--0----------------I-------2-----I I-----------I-----------I---------------I---------------3 3-I-3-----------I
G/F#no3rd A Asus4I------3----I-------------------I
I------3----I-----2-------3-----I I------0----I-----2-------2-----I I------0----I-----2-------2-----I I-----------I--0----------0-----I I--2--------I-------------------I STEVIE NICKS VERSE:
D D/C Bmadd13 Asusno5 Is love so fragile and the heart so hollow
G G/F#no3rd, A Asus4 shatter with words impossible to follow
D D/C Bmadd13 Asusno5 you're saying I'm fragile I try not to be
G G/F#no3rd A Asus4 I search only for something I can't see
D D/C Bmadd13 Asusno5 G, G/F#no3rd, A, Asus4 I have my own life and I'm stronger than you know
D D/C Bmadd13 Asusno5 but I carry this feeling when you walked into my house
G G/F#no3rd A Asus4 that you wont be walking out the door
D D/C Bmadd13 Asusno5 still I carry this feeling when you walked into my house
G G/F#no3rd A Asus4 that you wont be walking out the door
G A G A lovers forever face to face
G A G A my city your mountains stay with me stay
G A G A I need you to love me I need you today
G A G A give to me your leather take from me my lace
DON HENLEY VERSE: you in the moonlight with your sleepy eyes could you ever love a man like me and you were right when I walked into your house I knew I'd never want to leave some times I'm a strong man some times cold and scared and some times I cry but that time I saw you I knew with you to light my nights some how I'd get by CHORUS:
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