Stevie Wonder – Isnt She Lovely chords

This is a very well-known song by Steve Wonder and I thought some tabs on internet were 
difficult to play for beginners so I made mine as the beginner who sleeps in me. ; )

This is not the original tone but it sounds pretty good and there is only one thing 
can be just a little bit too hard, just a little. In french we call it "barré" (here, it is 
F#) but I don't know how to say that in english ! Sorry ! Well... Have fun ! =)

Bm7 E (E7)Isn't she lovely
Em A7 DIsn't she wonderful
Bm7 E (E7)Isn't she precious
Em A7 DLess than one minute old
G F#I never thought through love we'd be
Bm7 E (E7)Making one as lovely as she
Em F# G A7 DBut isn't she lovely made from love
Bm7 E (E7)Isn't she pretty
Em A7 DTruly the angel's best
Bm7 E (E7)Boy, I'm so happy
Em A7 DWe have been heaven blessed
G F#I can't believe what God has done
Bm7 E (E7)Through us he's given life to one
Em F# G A7 DBut isn't she lovely made from love
Bm7 E (E7)Isn't she lovely
Em A7 DLife and love are the same
Bm7 E (E7)Life is Aisha
Em A7 DThe meaning of her name
G F#Londie, it could have not been done
Bm7 E (E7)Without you who conceived the one
Em F# G A7 DThat's so very lovely made from love
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