Stevie Wonder – As chords

Cmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 Cmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 Do do do do woh woh do do do dum do
Cmaj7 C7 Fmaj7As around the sun the earth knows she's revolving
Cmaj7 Bbmaj7And the rosebuds know to bloom in early May
Cmaj7 C7 Just as hate knows love's the cure
Fmaj7 You can rest your mind assure
Am7 Bm11 E7 Am7 Am6 Dm9 G13 That I'll be loving you always
As now can't reveal the mystery of tomorrow But in passing will grow older every day Just as all is born is new Do know what I say is true That I'll be loving you always
Am E7/B Am/C D7Until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky---ALWAYS
Until the ocean covers every mountain high---ALWAYS Until the dolphin flies and parrots live at sea---ALWAYS Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream Did you know that true love asks for nothing Her acceptance is the way we pay Did you know that life has given love a guarantee To last through forever and another day Just as time knew to move on since the beginning And the seasons know exactly when to change Just as kindness knows no shame Know through all your joy and pain That I'll be loving you always As today I know I'm living but tomorrow Could make me the past but that I mustn't fear For I'll know deep in my mind The love of me I've left behind Cause I'll be loving you always Until the day is night and night becomes the day---ALWAYS Until the trees and seas just up and fly away---ALWAYS Until the day that 8x8x8 is 4---ALWAYS Until the day that is the day that are no more Did you know that you're loved by somebody? Until the day the earth starts turning right to left---ALWAYS Until the earth just for the sun denies itself I'll be loving you forever Until dear Mother Nature says her work is through---ALWAYS Until the day that you are me and I am you---AL~~~~~~WA~~ ~~~~~AA~~~~~~~AA~~~~ Until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky~~~~~AA~~~~ ~~~~AA~~~~~~~AA~~~~~~~~~AA~~~~~~~YS~~ALWAYS
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