Stewart Rod - I Dont Wanna tab

"I Dont wanna' By the late and great Aaliyah

Liked the song alot, so now I will tab it out for you the YOU the people the best that I can!
As always listen to the song for the flow of things. I apologize for chord not having all the chord names.

      Gmaj     Emaj           Fmaj Gmaj(?)(?)

E:----------------------------------------------------|A:----------------------------------------------------|D:-5---5--------2-----2--------3---5----10-9--5--9----|G:-5---4--------1-1---1--------2---4----9--7--5--7----|B:-5---3--------0-----0--------1---3----8--8--5--8----|E:-5---3--------0--0--0--------1---3----8--7--5 -7----|
Fill During verse
Fill During chorus
|Legend| H = Hammer on P = Pull Off ~ = Vibrato Have fun! All your feed back can be sent to
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