Stick Figure – Livin It tab

epic song...Basic repeating reggae style guitar throughout the whole song with a fun 
solo at the end.

INtro (listen for strum patterns) (D, A, G, D)e|---2----------3-----2---|b|---3----2-----3-----3---|g|---2----2-----0-----2---|d|--------2-----0---------|a|--------------2---------|E|--------------3---------|
\\verse// (switch to reggae style)
i feel the love coming over youe|--5------|b|--7------|g|--7---x4-|d|--7------|a|--5------|E|---------|
it gets inside your heade|--5-------|b|--5-------|g|--6---x4--|d|--7-------|a|--7-------|E|--5-------|
then you knowe|--3---------|b|--3---------|g|--4---------|d|--5----x4---|a|--5---------|E|--3---------|
and then you knowe|--5---------|b|--7---------|g|--7---------|d|--7----x4---|a|--5---------|E|------------|
\\repeat whole song//
soloe|------------------------------------------------------|b|-----------------------------------------2h3-3/5-5/7--|g|--/11---12-11-9-9--7s6---2s4-2------2h4---------------| / = slided|------------------------------------------------------| h = hammera|------------------------------------------------------| p = pull-offE|------------------------------------------------------|
e|--77-55-33-22-------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|--------------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------| ...............(fade out)
D I feel the love coming over you, A it gets inside your head G then you know, D and then then you know //repeat D,A,G,D for whole song// i feel the power coming over you it gets inside your head then you know, and then then you know peaking around the corner and I know nobody's watching I can see I'm all alone, I'm all alone, I'm all alone I'm working on the night shift, smoke another a marijuana cigarette, I've got my girl on the phone, I'm all alone I turn on the radio, I'm listening to the night show they are playing my favorite song so i turn it up, and I sing along I look at my watch I'm almost off it's almost 3:15 I can't believe what a wonderful night it has turned out to be I've been living it up, and living it out, it's the way I live my life sit back an relax and love and make yourself feel right Livin' it oh livin' it oh livin' it I get home real late i see no ones awoken and i know i am alone, its all i know, its all i know my girl is asleep, dreaming her dreams, and smiling at me so happy i'm home, it's all i know i walk in to my studio, step up to the micrpophone and start to write this song. i just let it out, the words come along. I got thoughts in my head, my baby's in bed, and music is there for me, I just want to write what a beautiful night it has turned out to be. I've been living it up, and living it out, it's the way I live my life sit back and relax and love and make yourself feel right every-time i hear your voice, it puts a smile upon my face i've got to carry on, ive got to get back to that place and every-time i hear that song, it brings this feeling deep inside i never had no choice, you are the one that i was suppose to find livin' it, what a wonderful night oh i've been killing, what a beautiful life I'm loving you, with this feeling inside and now I'm singing songs livin' it, wonderful night oh i've been killing it, beautiful life I have been loving you, all night long and i'm still singing songs uh oh, oh baby let me love you through the night and day said oh, oh your crazy don't blame me just let that music play let me, come on little baby let it set you free come on let it hit your brain with a little bit of love and when there is nothing left time to get it off of your chest you'll feel no pain let the music play
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