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'Suspect Device'
by Stiff Little Fingers

INTRO RIFF:-------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------|--------9-9-9-9---9-9-9--9--9-9------------------------------|--------9-9-9-9---9-9-9--9--9-9------------------------------|--------7-7-7-7---7-7-7--7--7-7------------------------------|--7--9-------------------------------------------------------|(repeats)
(with intro riff) Inflammable material is planted in my head It's a suspect device that's left 2000 dead B Their soluutions are our problems A E B They put up the wall On each side time and prime us A E D A E D A E And make sure we get fuck[*] all B They play their games of power A E B They cut and mark the pack B They deal us to the bottom A E D A E D A E But what do they put back? CHORUS E Don't believe them Don't believe them B A E Don't be bitten twice You gotta suss, suss, suss, suss, suss, out, B A E Suss suspect device They take away our freedom In the name of liberty Why don't they all just clear off Why won't they let us be They make us feel indebted For saving us from hell And then they put us through it It's time the bastards fell (Chorus) A G E A G E Don't believe them Don't believe them B A E (I tell you) Question everything you're told B Just take a look around you A E B At the bitterness and spite Why can't we take over A E D A E D A E And try to put it right Don't believe us Don't believe us Don't be bitten twice You gotta suss, suss, suss, suss, suss, suss, Suss suspect device (with intro riff) We're a suspect device if we do what we are told But a suspect device can score an own goal I'm a suspect device the Army can't defuse You're a suspect device they know they can't refuse We're gonna blow up in their face [*]the publicly released version says '...sod all' here. ------------------------------------------------------------ mark schnitzius | seeking guitar songbook for the | clash's "london calling". does univ. of central florida | one even exist? will pay top $ ------------------------------------------------------------
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