Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster tab

Stiff Little Fingers -Alternative Ulster
Key =
r - ring
/ - slide
x - palm mutted 

Then D, A, | Bm, G x4 D A Bm G There's nothin' for us in Belfast D A Bm G The Pound's so old it's a pity D A Bm G OK, there's the trident in Bangor D A Bm G And then walk back to the city A G We ain't got nothin' but they don't really care They don't even know you know A They just want money G We can take it or leave it A NC What we need is [Chorus] D** C G An Alternative Ulster C G Grab it and change it, it's yours D** C G Get an Alternative Ulster C G Ignore the bores and their laws D** C G Get an Alternative Ulster C G Be an anti-security force D** C G Alter your native Ulster C G D Alter your native land Instrumental D, A, Bm, G x2 D A Bm G Take a look where you're livin' D A Bm G You got the Army on your street D A Bm G And the RUC dog of repression D A Bm G Is barking at your feet A G Is this the kind of place you wanna live? Is this where you wanna be? A G Is this the only life we're gonna have? A NC What we need is Chorus As per Chorus 1 Bm A G They say they're a part of you A But that's not true you know Bm A G They say they've got control of you A And that's a lie you know Bm A G They say you will never be C G C G C A Free, free, free Instrumental - Just like the intro Get an D** C G G, G, G Alternative Ulster D** C G G, G, G Alternative Ulster D** C G G, G, G Alternative Ulster D** C G Alternative Ulster D*, C, G, D*,, C, G, D*
Chords D5 xx023x D** 11f xx011xx Dsus2 9f xx09xx G/D 4f xx04xx Dsus4 12f xx012xx D xx0232 A x03330 Bm x24432 G 3f 355433 D* 5f x5888x C 3f x3555x Listen to the CD to get the hang of it. Enjoy...taff
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