Still Time – The Girl Ive Always Loved chords

Capo 1

G     3x003x
D/F#  2x02xx
C     032010
Am    002210
Em7   02203x
D/F#* 2x023x
G* 32003xGadd4 32001x
note: this song has a very simple rhythm. I've attached the URL to the song, listen to it and you'll hear a few hammer-ons, also very simple as they do not deviate from the chord structure that I've provided above. INTRO G D/F# C C
G D/F# CShe gives me massages when i'm wasted
G D/F# CShe can make me laugh at anytime
G D/F# CShe knows when i've had a long and hard day
Am C GAnd always seems to ease my worried mind
G D/F# CAnd i am just a lucky man to have her
G D/F# CI pray that this feeling never dies
G D/F# CJust last night she told me that she loved me
Am C GAnd words are words i saw it in her eyes <== x2
G D/F# CShe don't care that much for money or fast cars
G D/F# CHer happiness it stems from deep within
G D/F# CShe is the most real girl i've ever known
Am C GFrom her old soul to her soft skin <== x2
INTERLUDE Em7 D/F#* G* G* C Gadd4 Am Am <== x3 G D/F# C
G D/F# CWe do not expect some fairytale ending
G D/F# CShe is not some angel from above
G D/F# CAll i know is i've been waiting for her
Am C GAnd somehow she's the girl i've always loved
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