Stillwater - Hour Of Need tab

Hour of Need
Tabbed by Chris Schulz

Standard Tuning

Hereís the riff, listen to the song for the exact rhythm. The strokes tend to follow the words.


n n v n v n v N N v n N N ve|-----------------------------0-|B|-----------------------------0-|G|-----------------------------0-|D|-2--2-4-5-4-2-4-2-2-2-2--2-2---|A|-2--2-2-2-2-2-2-4-4---4--4-4---|E|-3--3-3-3-3-3-3----------------|
Little nís mean regular downstrokes, vís are upstrokes, big Nís are downstrokes, but 8th time. Sounds better this way. Twice for the intro, then once for each line of verse. Verse 1: I donít want to live my life in chains. Hear these voices swimminí in my brains. All they do is dig a deeper hole. Deep enough to touch my tortured soul. Here it changes:
e|------------------------------|B|----2--------2----------------|G|----2--------2----------------|D|-4--2--------2--------2-------|A|-2--0--------0--------2-------|E|-3----------------3-2-0-------| tortured soul. For the chorus, just play the chords and a walkup or walkdown (like typed above) as indicated. Chorus: Em e f# g A A g f# Here come the demons, as far as I can see. Em e f# g A A g f# Runniní and screaminí, and chasiní after me. Em e f# g Am Maybe Iím dreaminí, but I know I wonít be free Ďtil Another change:
e|---------------------------------------|B|-----3-----------3---------3-------3---|G|---2---2------2----2-----2---2---2---2-| This part twice.D|-0-------------------------------------|A|-----------1-----------3-------3-------|E|---------------------------------------| rider and horse drown in the sea.
Then comes the pre-solo. Acoustic plays the intro, electric plays this, in the same as acoustic strumming: Pre-Solo:
Verse Two: There ainít nothing for me down these tracks. Put another monkey on my back. I need an angel like I need a fix. Something to hit me like a ton of bricks. On ďton,Ē move into the chorus as above. Itís the same the second time through. Slide Solo: I only have part of this, but itís awesome. Use a slide.
Thatís all I have. If youíre not good with a slide (like me), pull-offs work pretty well. Those are all the parts of the song, except for the rest of this solo and the final Piece it together as you will. It's about 95% correct. (The solo's a bit iffy) Enjoy best. ďAnd you can tell Rolling Stone Magazine that my last words were... ĎI dig music.íĒ
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