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Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 20:27:37 -0500
Subject: TAB: "This Cowboy Song" by Sting

Here's the tab for "This Cowboy Song" by Sting, off of "Fields of Gold,
The Best of Sting 1984-1994" (A&M)...

Main Riff:

e |---------------------------------|----------------------------|B |-----3-----3-----3-----3---------|-----3-----3-----3-----3----|G |---0-----0-----0-----0-----0---0-|---0-----0-----0-----0------|D |-3-----3-----3-----3-----3---2---|-0-----0-----0-----0--------|A |---------------------------------|----------------------------|E |---------------------------------|----------------------------|
e |-------------------------------------|-----------------------------|B |------------3-----3-----3-----3------|-----3----3-----3-----3----3-|G |---0-------0-----0-----0-----0---0--0|---0----0-----0-----0-----0--|D |-0-----0-----------------------------|-----------------------------|A |-----2----3-----3-----3-----3---3----|-----------------------------|E |-----------------------------------3-|-1----1-----1-----1-----1----|
The chords for the Pre-Chorus ("Devil to pay...") are: Eb C The chords for the Chorus ("This cowboy song...") are: G B C D The chords to the bridge thing ("In the night...") are: Eb Cm C D Here's the lyrics (Or what they sound like...): (Verse 1) We rode all night across an endless desert We had no moon to light our way And though a million stars are slowly turning we lack of consciences to pray Our horses running like a devil chased us those feet they hardly touch the ground Yes I'm familiar with the gray wolves howlin', but I'm certain I never heard that sound (Pre-Chorus) Devil to pay on judgement day Would Jesus strike me down If I should pray (Chorus) This cowboy song is all I know to bring me back into your arms Your distant sun your shining light you'll be my dark star shining tonight (Verse 2) I've been the lowest of the low on the planet I've been a sinner all my days When I was living with my hand on the trigger I had no sense to change my ways The preacher asked if I embraced the resurrection to suck the poison from my life Just like an existential cowboy villain his words were balanced on my knife (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) (Bridge-type thing) In the night In the night All my distances are far (Chorus) (Organ Solo) Dark star Dark Star (Howl) Dark Star Dark Star Dark Star... _______________________________________________________ Tabbed by Scott Lapatine ( _______________________________________________________
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