Sting – Ghost Story chords

I don't actually know if this is the original key, but it's easy to play,
even after the key change.  It's not really a guitar song but what I tried
to illustrate in the chords is that I think it should start out simple and
get more complex as it goes on.  You can elaborate on that by switching from
slow, even strums to faster and more syncopated strums.  I feel like it
should break open at "another winter" and again at "the moon's a fingernail."
I also put in four chords at the end that I think make a nice ending.  Comments welcome please.

CI watch the Western sky
CThe sun is sinking
GThe geese are flying South
FIt sets me thinking
FI did not miss you much
GI did not suffer
FWhat did not kill me
CJust made me tougher
C FI feel the winter come
CHis icy sinews
GNow in the fire light
F G The case continues
FAnother night in court
GThe same old trial
F GThe same old questions asked
CThe same denial
C FThe shadows close me round
CLike jury members
GI look for answers in
F GThe fire's embers
FWhy was I missing then
GThat whole December
F GI give my usual lie:
CI don't remember
AmAnother winter comes
GHis icy fingers creep
FInto these bones of mine
CThese memories never sleep
G FAnd all these differences
GA cloak I borrow
FWe kept our distances
F G CWhy should it follow I must have loved you
Am GWhat is the force that binds the stars
F C GI wore this mask to hide my scars
Am GWhat is the power that pulls the tide
F C GI never could find a place to hide
Am GWhat moves the Earth around the sun
F C G FWhat could I do but run and run and run
FAfraid to love, afraid to fail
F GA mast without a sail
D A DThe moon's a fingernail and slowly sinking
A G AAnother day begins and now I'm thinking
G AThat this indifference was my invention
G A7When everything I did sought your attention
D AYou were my compass star
DYou were my measure
AYou were a pirate's map
G AA buried treasure
GIf this was all correct
AThe last thing I'd expect
GThe prosecution rests
A7 DIt's time that I confess: I must have loved you
G A A7 D
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