Stone Birds - Forgotten Souls tab

Title: Forgotten Souls
Band: Stone Birds
Album: Stone Birds

Repeat guitar 1 and 2 throughout song, other riffs are for certain parts

Guitar 1e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------|D|--0---0---2---2---|A|--2---2---3---3---|E|--3---3---3---3---|
Guitar 2e|--3---3---3---3---|B|--3---3---3---3---|G|------------------|D|------------------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
Hello, Hello Who are you I Donít Know Who you are
Riff 1 (Electric Piano)e|--3---3---3---3---|B|--3-3---3---3-----|G|--0---------------|D|--0---------------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
You Are~, The ones hiding in the Shadows You Are~, The Forgotten Souls who Died in Vain You Are~, The Lost Memories of Evermore You Are~, The Forgotten Souls I Will try to remember you, and I Will try to tell your Stories to my children, and them to theirs, and them to Theirs, and So On, And So On, We will hold your Memories.
Riff 2 (Electric Piano)e|------3-3-----3-3-|B|--3-3-----3-3-----|G|------------------|D|------------------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
Now Take this cross, and shove it in the ground, and feel a little Warmth as the Sun beats Down, Now Close your eyes, please donít cry, Now Listen for, lost memories, and the Forgotten Souls
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