Stone Gods – Oh Whereo My Beero tab

Song: Oh Whereo My Beero
Band: Stone Gods
Guitarist: Dan Hawkins
Album: Silver Spoons & Broken Bones

This is the closing track from their debut album. On a headlining gig, they use this 
to close their set.
I am only going to tab out the important bits, because I have only recently worked it out.

Main Riffe|----------------------|b|--------------(2)-----|g|---------------2------|d|---------------2------|a|---4/5\4-p-0---0------|e|-------------3--------|
Verse A throughout with the addition of the Bm7 type chord without the root note. Chorus D Ohh Whherreooo My Beerroooo (on the last chorus, it modulates to E major and then to G major and then finally ends A) Outro Dan uses octaves to give the outro a real Eastern feel to it.
There is another lead bit the goes after it
I advise you to go and see them live!
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