Stone Roses - Shoot You Down tab

Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 18:53:39 +0000 (GMT)
From: Sallie Vaughn 
Subject: Stone Roses:Shoot You Down tab

From:Roger Vaughn

I've been told that there's no tab for this
on the archives so i thought I'd send this
one along,if anyone's still interested.
I've also been informed by a reliable party
that it's correct,so I feel confident in
being able to answer Roses related questions
Shoot You Down-

I'll break it into riffs which 
yo can piece together rather than 
give you a massive long tab to 
save me some time:-

Riff A: (melody type part-first riff he plays)e------8-5------------------------------B-5-8-----8-5-8--5-5-5-5-5-5------G----------------7-5-7-5-7-5----5-D-----------------------------7----A----------------------------------------E----------------------------------------
Riff 2(verse pattern)Crd.Ce------------------------B-8----------------------G-9----------------------D-10---------------------A-10----------7-----10---E-8---------------------- You______ know it
e----------------------B-8--------------------G-9-------------------D-10-----------------A-10----------------E-8------------------- You______
e------------------------------------------------------------B------------------------------------------------------------G------------------------------------------------------------D----------10-----10------10------10-----------A----10-12---10-12---10-12---10-12----12\S\0-E-12------------------------------------------ Show it but the time
e-------------------B------------------G------------------D------------------A--------12\s\0--E------------------ has come
e--------------------------------------------------B---------5---6-------------5--5--xx---5--56-66-G---------5---5-------------5--5--xx---5--55-55-D---------5---5-------------5--5--xx---5--57-75-A---------3-----------------3--3--xx---3---------E-------------------------------------------------- To shoot you down what a
e------------------------B----5--5-xx---5--56-66---G----5--5-xx---5--55-55---D----5--5-xx---5--57-75---A----3--3-xx---3-----------E------------------------ sound G FWhen the day is done and it all works out
I'd love to do it an you know you've always had it coming(strum C then riff 3) Riff 3(very fast bit )
e-------------------------------------------- B-----------------5--------------------------G-2/s/5-----5-7-5--7-5--5--------5------------D----------------------7---5-6-7--7-5-7-5--5--A------------------------------------------3-E--------------------------------------------
From these riffs you should be able to put the song together because it repeats bits and pieces all over the place.I'll give the chords sequences for the rest of it even if you have already got them... Chorus(?) C F I never wanted,the love that you showed me C It's starting to choke me and how I wish I'd said G F G F No.......too slow, I couldn't take that.....too fast I want you to know(strum C) Verse Extension: G F Now the time has come,it'll all work out G F And when this thing is done,it'll leave no doubt G So when you've had your fun F Will you all walk out? End : Just alternate from C to F a couple of times then finally just C as the song fades out.
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