Stone Roses – Going Down chords

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From: Lee Eugene T Edited by jim88
Subject: CRD: Going Down by the Stone roses

This is just a corrected version of the already existing tab
by Lee Eugene T. 

D    A    G    A

D ADawn sings in the garden
G Aphone sings in the hall
D Athis boys dead after two days life
G Aresurrected by the call
(SAME CHORDS AS 1ST VERSE) penny here we've got to come so come on round to me there so much penny lying here to touch taste and tease
G Aring a ding ding ding
D G D Gi'm going down i'm coming round
(SAME CHORDS AS 1ST VERSE) penny's place her crummy room her dansetted crackles to jimi's tune i dont care i taste ambre solaire her neck her thighs her lips her hair
G Aring a ding ding ding
D G D Gi'm going down i'm coming round
A A/G A/F# A/Eall thoughts of sleep desert me
D Gthere is no time
A A/G A/F# A/E30 minutes bring me round to
G A her number nine
D A G A (SAME CHORDS AS PREVIOUS VERSE) yeah she looks like a painting jackson polloch's number 5 come into the forest and taste the trees the sun starts shining and i'm hard to please ring a ding ding ding i'm going down i'm coming round all thoughts.....
G Dto look down on the clouds
G Dyou don't need to fly
G Ai've never flown in a plane
Di'll live until i die
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