Stone Roses – Sally Cinnamon chords ver. 2

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sally Cinnamon - Stone Roses-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed by: James GarveyE-mail:
Tuning: Standard **CAPO 3rd** Hey guys, this is just how I play it, sounds good to me :)
G Cadd9 D|---------3-------------3-------------3---------------------------------------||---------3-------------3-------------3---------------------------------------||------------------------------------2----------------------------------------||----------------------2------------------------------------------------------||-------2---------------3-----------------------------------------------------||---------3-------------------------------------------------------------------|
G Cadd9Until sally I was never happy
GI needed so much more
Cadd9Rain clouds oh they used to chase me
GDown they would pour
Cadd9Join my tears
G Cadd9Allay my fears
DSent to me from heaven
Cadd9Sally cinnamon
GYou are my world
G Cadd9I pop pop pop blow blow bubble gum
GYou taste of cherryade
Cadd9There is something here you must show me
GFrom what you are made
Cadd9Sugar and spice
G Cadd9And all things nice
DSent to me from heaven
Cadd9Sally cinnamon
GYou are my world
DYour eyes are gazing back from
Cadd9Every little piece of glass
DYou seem to smile from every place
Cadd9Sally cinnamon
GYou are my world
GThen I put the letter back in
Cadd9The place where it was found
G Cadd9It's a pocket in a jacket
G Cadd9On a train in town
DSent to her from heaven
Cadd9Sally cinnamon
GYour her world
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