Stone Roses - Bye Bye Badman Acoustic tab

Bye Bye Bad man

Words & Music Ian Brown & John Squire


Gm6/Bb C*e- 0 3b- 3 1g- 0 0d- 0 2a- 1 3e- x 0
intro - (Palm mute) |D |D |D |D || Verse 1 D D7(fill 1) Soak me to the skin, will you drown me in your sea, G (fill 2) Gm D Submission ends.... and I ...Begin. D D7(fill 1) Choke me smoke the air, In this citrus sucking sunshine, G (fill 2) Gm D I don't care, you're not... all there. G Gm Every backbone and heart you break D Will still come back for more G Gm D Submission ends it all. Chorus 1 D G D G Here he comes, got no questions, got no love. D I'm throwing stones at you man, G I want you black and blue and D I'm gonna make you bleed, G Bm Gonna bring you down to your knees. Gm6/Bb A Bye bye badman, D Bye bye. Choke me smoke the air, in this citrus sucking sunshine, I don't care, you're not, all there. You've been bought and paid, you're a whore and a slave, Your dock's not a holy shrine. Come taste, the end, you're mine. Chorus 2 - As Chorus 1 Bridge 1 C* G I've got a bad intention, Bm C D I intend to , knock you down._____ C* G These stones I throw, oh these french kisses Bm C D Are the only, way I've found._______ solo |C* |G |Bm |C D || Bridge2 - As bridge 1 outro solo ||: C* |G |Bm |C D : || (repeat to fade) Fill 1
Fill 2
You can kind of do some of the solos on one guitar, but I haven't tabbed it out.... do your own thing, or give me a shout... Tabbed by Mike comments, request to
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