Stone Roses - How Do You Sleep Acoustic tab

How do you sleep

Words & Music : John Squire

This is my acoustic version......

Chords used E D A Dsus2 Asus2 B F#m7alt Emaj7/D# Badd4 Aadd9 Emaj7 Amaj7 C#me-0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0or0 0 0 4b-0 3 2 3 0 4 0 0 0 0 10 0 2 5g-1 2 2 2 2 4 2 4 8 6 9 1 1 6d-2 0 2 0 2 4 4 6 9 7 12 1 2 6a-2 x 0 x 0 2 4 6 9 7 0 2 0 4e-0 x 0 x 0 2 x 0 7 5 x 0 0 4
Verse 1 uses open chords as above Link 1
Verse 2 variation....
Chorus use open chords above exceptE = barred and- (B) and Aadd9...use these fills
Fill 1 Fill 2 How do you |Sleep.... .. and |keep the dogs....e-----------------|(E)Barred.. -0|x-x--x--x|0-----|...b-----------------| .. -0|9h10-10p9|0--|..g-----------------| .. -8|9-9--9--9|8--|...d-----2-4p2-----2-| .. -9|9h11-11p9|9--|..a-2h4--------4----| . -9|0-0--0--0|9---|..e-----------------| -7|x-x--x--x|7---|...
link 2 - fill 3
intro ||:E |D |A |A (Aadd4) :|| Verse 1 E Dsus2 Asus2 I've seen your severed head at a banquet for the dead, E Dsus2 Asus2 All dressed up for dinner looked so fine. E Dsus2 Asus2 Your shining silver salver so tastefully powdered E Dsus2 A with the finest milit'ry quick lime. link 1 ||:E |D |A |A :|| Verse 2 E Dsus2 Asus2 Now try and picture this, as I gave you a kiss E Dsus2 Asus2 The apple in your mouth slips in mine. E Dsus2 Asus2 The orchestra played the sweetest serenade, E Dsus2 A We laughed as we put away your wine. Pre-Chorus 1 B So raise your glasses, Asus2 E Here's a toast to wasted lives, F#m7alt Emaj7/D# Asus2 May all their ghosts come back to haunt you B - fill 1 (into chorus) and tell you how they died Chorus 1 (B) E(barre) Badd4 Aadd9(fill 2) Badd4 How do you sleep, how do you last the night and keep the dogs at bay? E Badd4 Aadd9(fill 2)Badd4 How do you feel when you close your eyes and try to drift away? Emaj7 F#m7alt Emaj7/D# F#m7alt Does it feel any better now, does it mean any more? E F#m7alt Amaj7 When the angel of death comes knock, knocking B E And banging at your door? link 2 ||:E |D |A |A ||-fill 3 verse 3 E Dsus2 Asus2 When all the fun was over, I put you on my shoulder E Dsus2 Asus2 Took you home away from it all. E Dsus2 Asus2 Shot down and claimed, mounted and framed E Dsus2 A Tastefully hung up on my wall. Pre-chorus 2 B Are my dreams your nightmares? Asus2 E I hope they all come true. F#m7alt Emaj7/D# Asus2 Get off your knees the party's over, B - (fill 1 into chorus) I'm coming home to you Chorus 2 - As chorus 1 Guitar solo.|E |B |Asus2 |E |F#m7alt |Emaj7/D# |Aadd9 |Aadd9 |Badd4 |Badd4 || Chorus 3 - As Chorus 1 outro |D |C#m |B |E || at your Door Comments and requests to
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