Stone Roses – Breaking Into Heaven Acoustic tab

Acoustic version......Here's the main parts can play about with rythyms and strumming patterns 
to whats comfortable to along with the song, you'll get into it.  h - hammer on, p - pull off, s - 
up (or down)

Main riff

pre chorus
link 1 - (first 4 bars---
Alt riff (for second 4 bars of link1 and - Verse 2)
Choruse-0-----3---5- -0-0-0-|5s3s5-0:||b-0-----3---5- -0-0-0-|5s3s5-5:||g-0-----4---6- -7s6s5-|6s4s6-6:||d-2-----5---7- -9s8s7-|7s5s7-7:||a-2-----5---7- -9s8s7-|7s5s7-7:||e-0-----3---5- -0-0-0-|5s3s5-0:||
Breaking into Heaven - Words and Music John Squire....Tabbed by Mike from Glasgow intro . main riff x2 Verse 1 Main riff x2 I've been casing your joint for the best years of my life Like the look of your stuff, outta sight When I'm hungry and when I'm cold, When I'm having it rough or just getting old pre-chorus 1 Listen up sweet child of mine, Have I got news for you, Nobody leaved this place alive, They'll die here, join the queue.(singing) Link 1 (play link 1 --> alt riff) Verse 2 (play alt riff x2) Better man the barricades, I'm coming in tonight, Had a line of my dust,......outta sight. (main riff) When I wander and when I roam, I'll find a soul I can trust, I'm coming home Pre chorus 2 - As Pre-Chorus 1 Chorus 1 Em G A E5->D|A-G-A I,____I'm gonna break right into heaven| I,_______Can't wait anymore Link 2 (play main riff Verse 3(main riff x2) Heavens gates won't hold me, I'll see those suckers down, Laughing loud at your locks when they hit the ground. Every Icon in every town, Hear this your numbers up, I'm coming round. Pre-chorus 3 - As pre-Chorus 1 Chorus 2 - As Chorus 1 Instrumental = |C |G |D |Em |C |G |D ||-main riff bridge [C]How many times will [G] I have to tell you [D]You don't have to wait to die [Em]---fill
(fill)e-xb-xg-xd- ----0-0h2p0-----|a- 0h2--------2p0-|e-x
You can have it all [G] anytime you want it [D]Yeah the kingdoms all [Em]inside|Em |Em |Em |Em || Outro ||:E5 G |A |E5 G |A :|| If you need anything explained,
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