Stone Roses - What The World Is Waiting For tab

The chord changes in this song are pretty distinctive, listen to the song and it should 
easy to work out how they're played.

Chords used:

B      224442
A6/B   X22222
E      022100
Dm     XX0231


B    A6/B     E      Dm
Here comes the wise man,

B          A6/B    E          [Chord pattern repeats for the next two lines]
And there goes the fool

You see the burnt-out world that he's living in

I don't need to look for the rules.


B                                           E
You never know just what you wanna do or where you wanna go,

I think it's time             [Chord pattern repeats for the next line]

That you found what the world is waiting for

I think it's time

       B     A6/B  E   Dm
To get real
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